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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

PM Narendra Modi speaks on Kashmir Violence in a high profile meeting with Cabinet members and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is chairing a high-level meeting to take stock of the on-going violence in Kashmir. The Prime Minister returned early this morning after concluding his four-nation Africa tour aimed at enhancing ties with the continent. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, meanwhile, has cancelled his visit to the United States in view of the on-going situation. He was to attend the Indo-US Homeland Security Dialogue.

The meeting is expected to be attended by senior members of the cabinet including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar among others. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is also likely to attend the meeting.

On Monday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh reached out to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah and discussed solutions to the on-going unrest.

Singh also held a meeting earlier in the day with senior officials of the Home Ministry and security agencies and directed them to take measures to ensure swift return of normalcy. An additional 800 CRPF personnel were rushed to Kashmir as reinforcements for the 1,200 CRPF personnel sent earlier to assist the state administration.

Strict restrictions continue to remain inposed across Kashmir valley. Militant commander Burhan Wani was killed in South Kashmir last week. Express Photo by Shuaib Masoodi
NSA Ajit Doval, who was with Prime Minister Modi on his Africa trip, cut short his visit and returned to the national capital on Monday, confident that solutions to the unrest will be arrived at.

“If there are problems, there are solutions. We are quite confident and competent of finding solutions,” Doval told PTI.

He attended a meeting chaired by Singh and attended by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and MoS in the PMO Jitendra Singh.

The Valley is seeing protests after security forces killed Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani last week. The death toll has risen to 30, including the death of one police official.

Meanwhile, the CPM has asked the government to convene an all-party meeting to discuss the unrest.

“The administration should desist from using excessive force against the protesters… Those responsible for killing innocent unarmed protesters must be identified and punished,” the party said in a statement.

UN expresses concern

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir amid rising tensions in the valley following the killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani last week.

Ban’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters that the UN Chief has noted with concern the situation unfolding in Kashmir.

Dujarric rejected remarks by a Pakistani journalist, saying “no one is denying that we are concerned about the situation in Kashmir. The fact that the Secretary General did not raise it as he did not raise many other critical situations around the world does not mean that he is brushing anything aside.”

Source IndianExpress
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Friday, 19 February 2016

Girl hit for asking more of mid-day meal, father killed for protesting

Bihar schools finding it hard to meet demand at Rs 3.86 per child per day; education official says poor parents also send along siblings to school for free meals. 
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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Emotional Show : The Eagles of Dead Band returned to perform at France after 85 people were murdered in their last show in ISIS terror attack

“I love you guys so fucking hard and I will never stop rockin and rolling,” Jesse Hughes, the lead artist, told the crowd that was very emotional due to the intense performance of the band after such a tragedy.

More than 85 people were murdered at the band’s last show in Paris in an  terror attack by ISIS.

They returned to the stage during the encore of a concert from Irish rock band U2 performing ''People Have Power" by Patti Smith.

After the two bands united on that classic song of love and protest, they rejoined for a version of “Love You All of the Time,” the Eagles of Death Metal song that has become the band’s rallying cry to help victims of the terror attacks by ISIS.

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pakistan violates ceasefire again

1.    Pak army violates ceasefire in 3 sectors in J&K.
2.    Heavy firing in Krishna Ghati sector last night.

3.    Pak army resorts to ceasefire violation In Bimber Gali sector.
4.    Early morning ceasefire violation in the Pawalwala and Bimber Gali sector.
5.    Indian army responding in equal measure.
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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Police In Norway Haven’t Killed Anyone In Nearly A Decade

With police murdering people on a daily basis in the United States, it is interesting to see that police in other countries haven’t killed anyone in years. In Norway, for example, the police haven’t killed anyone in nearly a decade.

According to a recent report conducted by the country’s government, police in Norway have been far less likely to draw their weapons on suspects, and they are even less likely to actually shoot. In fact, the report found that Norway’s police only fired their guns in two situations last year, neither case resulting in a fatality.

There are many differences in culture and policy that contribute to the lower occurrence of police murders in Norway, but one obvious factor is that police in Norway rarely actually have their guns on them. While it is truly every human’s right to own and carry tools of self-defense like guns, it does seem that preventing police from having guns in most situations will allow them to resolve a conflict without escalating it.

In the US, police are trained to shoot first and ask questions later and are programmed to think that every civilian is a potential criminal or attacker. However, this type of mentality is counter-productive, and is not at all necessary. There are other solutions possible that don’t involve immediate violence.

For example, Dale Brown of Detroit’s “threat management center” has shown that crime can be stopped and lives can be saved by independent people using nonlethal tactics. In areas of Detroit where police don’t answer 911 calls, Dale Brown took matters into his own hands and started taking those calls himself, and because Dale was not “above the law” as police officers claim to be, he had to solve these crimes without hurting people, because he would actually be held accountable for his actions.

Dale has also been able to service poor neighborhoods for free, by financing his business through providing security for high-income areas.

Check out Dale and his work in the video below to learn how protection without violence is possible.

Written by John Vibes at
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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pope says Church should embrace divorced people

Pope Francis:
Pope Francis on Wednesday called for a more open Church -- one that embraces people who are divorced and remarried and their children.

"No closed doors!" the Pope said to a crowd gathered for his weekly audience in Rome.

"The baptized who have established a new union after the failure of sacramental marriage are not at all excommunicated: they are not excommunicated. And they absolutely should not be treated as such," the Pope said.

Catholics who are divorced and remarried, while not excommunicated, are currently barred from receiving communion. In October, Catholic bishops from around the world will meet at the Vatican to review this and other church teachings on the family.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that while divorce itself does not "constitute a moral offense," "contracting a new union, even if it is recognized by civil law, adds to the gravity of the rupture: the remarried spouse is then in a situation of public and permanent adultery."

3 ways Pope Francis is shaking up the church

Pope Francis encouraged Catholic churches to especially welcome children whose parents are divorced.

"We must not add more weight to what children in these situations already have to bear," the Pope said.

"If we also look at these new unions through the eyes of young children -- and the young are watching -- we see even more the urgency to develop a real welcome in our communities towards people who are living in such situations. This is why it's important that the style of the community, its language, its attitudes, are always attentive to people, beginning with the smallest. They are the ones who suffer the most in these situations."

The Pontiff said the Church could not encourage divorced parents to raise their children as Christians or give them an example of Christian faith "if we keep them at arm's length."

He also called for "discernment" regarding the difference between those who have been abandoned in a divorce and those who have provoked it

Source CNN
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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exclusive: How to open the blocked porn sites in India? Indian blogger finds a Direct Link easy way to open the government blocked websites has provided the following links from which you can access all the blocked websites:
Just click on the link and you will reach the porn website you want to , the trick here is we use  a proxy server which uses a ip address of a foreign country :






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Nestlé India launches initiatives to support breastfeeding

Nestlé India has launched a series of initiatives on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week with the theme - Breastfeeding isn't just a mother's responsibility. 

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Nestlé India has launched a series of initiatives on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week with the theme – Breastfeeding isn’t just a mother’s responsibility – to raise awareness and create a supportive environment that enables mothers to breastfeed for longer. “Continuing to breastfeed for optimal period is not easy for new mothers as she is expected to take care of household responsibilities as well as the babies’ needs.

 Some mothers also have the additional pressure to get back to employment. It has been found that by the time the baby is 6 months old, the rate of exclusive breastfeeding drops to less than 30%. New mothers need support so that they can continue breastfeeding and give the child a healthy start to life. Nestlé believes that breastfeeding is not just a mother’s responsibility,” said Binu Jacob, General Manager, Nutrition, Nestlé India. 

The Nestlé India campaign has highlighted four key areas to bring about the change Drive awareness: It has launched an awareness campaign reaching out to fathers, grandmothers and employers on how their support such as sharing household responsibilities, taking care of the baby and creating a conducive work environment can help the mother to sustain breastfeeding for longer. Facilitate public breastfeeding: New mothers frequently visit paediatrician’s clinics and often have to wait for long durations without a proper place to breastfeed. This inadvertently becomes a barrier to sustain breastfeeding. In an effort to overcome this barrier, Nestlé has pledged to install 500 lactation booths across the country.

 Build community support: Nestlé India together with MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child, a Delhi based NGO have rolled out the Swasth Jananee, Swasth Shishu program to educate and encourage communities to support breastfeeding. The program is being run in West Delhi and will reach out to over 100,000 people living in an urban slum. Ensure favourable work environment: Nestlé has announced a new Maternity Protection Policy last month. It gives a choice to extend maternity leave upto half a year and includes employment protection, flexible working arrangements and access to breastfeeding rooms during working. Nestlé currently has more than 190 breastfeeding rooms across its global working facilities. Start Healthy Stay Healthy is a science-based educational initiative by Nestlé which, in partnership with doctors, focuses on the lifelong impact of breastfeeding and the first 1,000 days of life. 

Source Indian Express
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India blocks more than 800 porn sites wHY? rEASON?

Communications ministry cracks down on adult sites amid ongoing legal debate

Internet service providers in India have blocked access to more than 800 pornographic websites, reportedly at the order of the government. The Hindustan Times, citing sources at India's communications ministry, reports that ISPs were asked to block websites that were "found to be spreading anti-social activities." Indian ISPs tell the newspaper that they received letters ordering the ban on Saturday, with the government's Information technology secretary adding that the ministry was acting under "court directives." Other sites are reportedly under review.

"Free and open access to porn websites has been brought under check," a communications ministry spokesman tells Reuters. "We don't want them to become a social nuisance."

India's Supreme Court declined to pass an interim ban on online pornography last month, following a petition brought by advocates who argued that crime against women was being fueled by easy access to porn. The court said it didn't have the authority to issue a ban, saying it would violate constitutionally protected personal freedoms, though it did agree with the petitioners' call for greater control over adult sites, and the case is ongoing.


News of the apparent ban began circulating on social media over the weekend, with users reporting that sites like YouPorn and Pornhub had been replaced with blank white pages. Others reported seeing a message in their browsers that read: "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India." The full list of blacklisted sites, obtained by the Centre for Internet and Society think tank, includes 857 URLs.

A communications ministry spokesman tells The Financial Times that the restrictions are temporary, and that users with virtual private networks (VPNs) would still be able to access porn sites. "It isn’t that they are being banned lock, stock and barrel," the ministry said. "The [Supreme Court] justice noted that free and open access to these websites.... should be controlled, but these sites will continue to be available through the mechanism of a VPN."

The move drew swift outrage from Indian social media users, along with criticism from legal experts. Under the conservative government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has sought to tighten its control over the internet, raising concerns over free speech.

"There is no proper justification that they have given for banning all porn, rather than child porn or revenge porn or something like that," Pranesh Prakash, of the Centre for Internet and Society, tells The Financial Times. "The reaction is heavy handed, and has been done under the cloak of secrecy."

sOURCE The Verge
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Monday, 3 August 2015

Israel President Reuven Rivlin threatened over ‘Jewish terrorism’ comment, police start investigation

Rivlin had written a Facebook post following Friday's arson attack on a Palestinian family's home in the West Bank village of Duma by suspected Jewish extremists.

Israeli police have opened an investigation into threats on social media against President Reuven Rivlin following his condemnation of “Jewish terrorism” after a firebombing killed a Palestinian child, a presidential spokesman said today. Rivlin had written a Facebook post following Friday’s arson attack on a Palestinian family’s home in the West Bank village of Duma by suspected Jewish extremists. 

The attack killed 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha and left his parents and four-year-old brother critically wounded. “More than shame, I feel pain,” Rivlin wrote in Arabic and Hebrew. “The pain over the murder of a little baby. The pain over my people choosing the path of terrorism and losing their humanity.

 “Their path is not the path of the State of Israel and is not the path of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, it seems that so far we’ve dealt with the phenomenon of Jewish terrorism limply,” he wrote, calling for concrete measures against such extremists. Rivlin’s post evoked a wave of more than 2,000 comments, some positive but others attacking him and recalling Israelis killed by Palestinians. “Dirty traitor. Your end will be worse than (Ariel) Sharon’s,” said one comment quoted by the Maariv newspaper, referring to the late former Israeli premier who spent eight years in a coma.

 Another said: “In Russia you would have been found by this point cut up inside a shoe box.” Police said they had received material from the president’s security team and had ordered an investigation to “examine offensive publications against the president on social media.” Israeli legal officials could not say whether incitement to violence was among the suspected crimes under investigation. In 1995, then prime minister Yitzhak Rabin was gunned down at a peace rally in Tel Aviv by a Jewish extremist after a campaign of right-wing incitement against a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Source Indian Express
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Indian woman stuck in Pakistan for 15 years may return home; Sushma Swaraj asks envoy to meet her

Union Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj has asked Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan, TCA Raghavan to meet Geeta, a deaf and mute Indian woman stuck up in the neighbouring country.

Sushma responded to a tweet by Ansar Burney, a Pakistan based human rights activist, about Geeta, who said Bollywood blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaiijan was based on his efforts to unite this woman with her family. The External Affairs Minister tweeted, “I have asked Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr TCA Raghavan to go to Karachi with Mrs Raghavan and meet this girl.”

Senior diplomats in Pakistan are already in the process to locate the girl. “I am trying to find out more details through the EDHI foundation,” said Raghavan, in a text message to The Indian Express.

Burney said that the girl was in Karachi Shelter home, “I am delighted to know that the Indian minister has taken up her cause. I am hopeful she would be able to get back home soon.”

Geeta, christened by Bilqees Edhi, a human rights activist, was 7-8 years old when she was found by the Pakistan police 15 years ago from Lahore railway station soon after Samjhauta Express left the platform. “I have circulated her videos and pictures in India. I will again be there in September and run a campaign to locate her family.”

Source Indian Express
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Indian-American jailed for 14 yrs for running extortion ring from call centres

An Indian-American has been jailed for more than 14 years and fined USD one million for running a massive extortion ring from India-based call centres in which he and his co-conspirators impersonated American officials and threatened to arrest victims unless they made payments.

Sahil Patel, 36, of Pennsylvania was also sentenced to three years of supervised release following the completion of his 14 and a half year prison term.

Patel had pleaded guilty in January 2015 to his role in organizing the US side of a massive fraud and extortion ring run through various "call centers" located in India, through which he and his coconspirators impersonated FBI and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials and threatened victims with arrest and financial penalties unless they made payments to avoid purported charges.

Patel and his co-conspirators also used several layers of wire transactions in order to conceal the destination and nature of the extorted payments, which totaled at least USD 1.2 million.

In imposing the sentence here yesterday, US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein said there was need to impose a "very serious sentence" to deter others from committing similar crimes.

"The nature of this crime robbed people of their identities and their money in a way that causes people to feel they have been almost destroyed," Hellerstein said.
US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara said Patel?s elaborate scheme involved impersonating law enforcement officers and using intimidation and fear to bilk over a million dollars from hundreds of unsuspecting victims.

Assistant Director in Charge of New York FBI?s Field Office Diego Rodriguez said the "duplicitous" consumer fraud scheme preyed on the vulnerabilities of victims who were forced to pay false penalties for fear of retribution.

"Wreaking havoc on hundreds of innocent Americans, Patel and his co-conspirators also called into question the integrity of the federal law enforcement community by falsely portraying themselves as government officials," he said.

According to the superseding indictment, from December 2011 through the day of his arrest in December 2013, Patel participated as a leader in a sophisticated scheme to intimidate and defraud hundreds of innocent victims of hundreds of dollars apiece.
Throughout the course of the fraud, telephone call centers located in India hired English-speaking employees to place telephone calls to individuals living in the US.

Armed with long lists of potential victims, referred to by Patel and his co-conspirators as "lead sheets", the India-based callers systematically placed thousands of calls to individuals in the US to intimidate the call recipients into providing a payment to the co-conspirators.

Source India Today
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Haryana's Malik twins become South Asia's fastest Explorers Grand Slam climbers

Tashi and Nungashi Malik, the first twin sisters to climb Mount Everest together, have now become the fastest South Asians to complete the 'Explorers Grand Slam'.
The 24-year-old twins achieved this feat by climbing the highest peaks in all seven continents and reaching the North and South Poles on skis. Only one other South Asian has completed the feat before the twins, an Indian ex-Naval officer Satyabrat Dam who is now a professional adventurer.

The girls scaled the 5,895 metres high Mt Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain on Earth and the highest peak in Africa, on July 3, thus completing the Explorers Grand Slam. "The feat was a tough one, but worth the effort. There were times when it was difficult even to stand, but we stay put. Where there were many reasons for us to stop, there was only one to keep us going...our passion," Nungashi, the younger of the twins, told PTI.

Though the twins are basking in the glory of their achievements, they said they have not recieved any financial support from the Centre. "Mountaineering is a great sport but it has put my parents in debt. Though we scaled many heights for our country, not even a single penny has been provided by the government," the twins said.

The young achievers who met Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, however, expressed hope of getting more sponsors. "Mountaineering is still not included as a sport. It is defined differently by various states. Thus, our chances of getting sponsors are bleak, but we are hopeful after Rijiju sir's words of appreciation," Tashi said.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand government is providing a sports scholarship to the young women. "We are delighted to provide a sports scholarship to the young achievers. We have offered them to travel to New Zealand and study a year long course on Sports and Exercise Psychology," said Deputy High Commissioner, New Zealand, Michael Appleton.
Raising awareness against gender discrimination, the sisters also talked about the need to challenge gender stereotypes. "Our achievements are not just our own. It is a message to the society that binds down girls to the four walls of their homes," Tashi said, who along with her sister, are currently pursuing their scholarship in New Zealand.

"We are happy to add another moment of pride and glory for the Indian girl child. For now we are focused on raising the bar of performance so that the girls can claim their rightful place of dignity and respect in our society," Tashi added.

The twins, who are from Uttarakhand and Haryana, have now set their eyes on Mt Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand.
"We are also planning to come out with a book on our journey so far," Tashi further said.

Source IndiaToday
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pope: Duty to protect planet, calls for 'social justice' on resources

Pope Francis drives past the faithfuls as security reaches out to stop a woman trying to approach the Popemobile during his arrival at Parque Samanes where he will celebrate mass in Guayaquil, Ecuador, July 6, 2015. REUTERS/Jose Miguel Gomez
Pope Francis on Tuesday said protecting the planet was no longer a choice but a duty and called for a new "social justice" where access to the earth's resources would be based on equality instead of economic interests.

In back-to-back speeches on the third day of his trip to Ecuador, the pope made his first full-court press on environmental issues since the publication last month of his landmark ecology encyclical "Laudato Si.".

Speaking before a group that included indigenous people of the Equatorial Amazon, he also renewed his call for special protection for the area because of its vital importance to the planet's ecosystem.

The pope has said he wanted the encyclical to influence a United Nations climate change summit in Paris in December and has now effectively taken his campaign to convince governments on the road. In September he takes his message to the United States and the United Nations.

"One thing is certain: we can no longer turn our backs on reality, on our brothers and sisters, on Mother Earth," he said in a first speech at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador.

While he did not specifically mention climate change or its causes, he quoted often from the encyclical, which said there was a "very solid scientific consensus" on global warming and its human causes.

He appeared to be making a clear reference to climate change doubters when he said: "It is wrong to turn aside from what is happening all around us, as if certain situations did not exist or have nothing to do with our lives."

In the encyclical Francis demanded swift action to save the planet from environmental ruin, called for policies to "drastically" reduce polluting gases and gradually cut dependence on fossil fuels.

"We are also invited to care for it (the planet), to protect it, to be its guardians. Nowadays we are increasingly aware of how important this is. It is no longer a mere recommendation, but rather a requirement ..."

His choice of Ecuador to make his first post-encyclical speeches on the environment was not casual.

Ecuador is heavily reliant on oil and mining while boasting some of the world's greatest biodiversity including the Galapagos Islands, on which Charles Darwin formulated his ideas on evolution.

The leftist government of President Rafael Correa, which introduced austerity measures after a major drop in oil prices, is walking a tightrope between business and protecting the environment.

In both speeches the first pope from Latin America, who has made defense of the poor a key plank of his papacy, also touched on the politically delicate issue of whether nature could be considered private property.

"The goods of the earth are meant for everyone, and however much someone may parade his property, it has a social

mortgage," the Argentine pontiff told a group of civic leaders in Quito's St. Francis Church, the oldest religious building in Latin America.

"In this way we move beyond purely economic justice, based on commerce, towards social justice, which upholds the fundamental human right to a dignified life," he said in the church, whose construction began in 1536.

"The tapping of natural resources, which are so abundant in Ecuador, must not be concerned with short-term benefits. As stewards of these riches which we have received, we have an obligation toward society as a whole and towards future

generations," he said.

His words in Ecuador were a foretaste of his September trip to the United States, where most of the criticism of the encyclical has come. Conservatives, including several Republicans seeking their party's nomination to run for president in 2016, have said the pope should not meddle in scientific affairs.

But he has won wide backing from advocates of environmental protection, including U.S. President Barack Obama and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

At the second meeting on Tuesday, representatives of two Amazon indigenous people, the Tagaeri and the Taromenane, were due to give him a letter saying they were living "in the shadow of extermination".

In that speech, the pope quoted from his encyclical, saying the Amazon "requires greater protection because of its immense importance for the global ecosystem … it possesses an

enormously complex biodiversity which is almost impossible to appreciate fully."

Francis started his last full day in Ecuador by saying an open-air Mass for nearly a million people on the grounds of a former airport in the Ecuadorean capital, Quito. He visits Bolivia on Wednesday and the last leg of the trip is Paraguay.

Source Reuters
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Deadly car bombs hit Yemen, day after almost 200 killed

Two deadly car bombs hit the capital Sanaa and a southern city in Yemen on Tuesday, state news agency Saba reported, a day after air strike and clashes killed almost 200 people nationwide.

Islamic State in Yemen claimed responsibility in a statement posted online for the Sanaa attack, latest in a string of recent actions by the hardline Sunni Muslim group against Shi'ite Houthis who run the capital.

One of the explosives-laden cars detonated near a hospital in downtown Sanaa, which the news agency controlled by Yemen's dominant Houthi group said killed and injured "numerous" people, while another killed around 10 people in al-Bayda, capital of a province in the country's battle-weary south.

Saudi-led coalition air strikes and clashes killed at least 176 fighters and civilians in Yemen on Monday, residents and media run by the Houthi movement said, the highest daily toll since the Arab air offensive began more than three months ago.

The United Nations has been pushing for a halt to air raids and intensified fighting that began on March 26. More than 3,000 people have been killed since then as the Arab coalition tries stop the Houthis spreading across the country from the north.

The Iran-allied Shi'ite Houthis say they are rebelling against a corrupt government, while local fighters say they are defending their homes from Houthi incursions. Sunni Saudi Arabia says it is bombing the Houthis to protect the Yemeni state.

As fighting has raged across Yemen's south, the conflict has taken on a sectarian tinge, pitting the Shi'ite Houthis against local Sunni fighters who in many places fight alongside hardline al Qaeda militants, who also revile the Houthis.


On Monday, about 63 people were killed in air strikes on Amran province in the north, among them 30 people at a market, Houthi-controlled state media agency Saba said.

In the same province, about 20 fighters and civilians were killed at a Houthi checkpoint outside the main city, also named Amran, about 50 km (30 miles) northwest of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, local residents said.

Arab alliance war planes also killed about 60 people at a livestock market in the town of al-Foyoush in the south.

Also in the south, residents reported a further 30 killed in a raid they said apparently targeted a Houthi checkpoint on the main road between Aden and Lahj. They said 10 of the dead were Houthi fighters.

Tribal sources in the central desert province of Marib said about 20 Houthi fighters and soldiers fighting alongside them were killed in air raids and gun battles with tribal fighters, who support Yemen's president in exile Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

On Tuesday, U.N. envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed continues meetings with Houthi officials in Sanaa to try to broker a ceasefire to allow aid deliveries. One Houthi official said Monday's attacks had dealt a blow to peace efforts.

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China stocks hit four-month lows on panic selling

A floor trader reacts as he checks share prices during morning trading at the Hong Kong Exchanges in Hong Kong, China July 8, 2015.
China stocks tumbled to four-month lows on Wednesday as panicky investors dumped shares across the board, even as the government tried to unveil supportive measures throughout the day session to stop the plunge.

To insulate themselves from the meltdown, more than 500 China-listed firms announced trading halts before the market opened, bringing the total number to around 1,300, almost half of China's roughly 2,800 listed firms.

"I've never seen this kind of slump before. I don't think anyone has," said Du Changchun, analyst at Northeast Securities.

"Liquidity is totally depleted."

The CSI300 index of the largest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell 6.8 percent, to 3,663.04, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 5.9 percent, to 3,507.19 points.

In an unprecedented sign of desperation, all of China's three futures index products for July delivery slumped by their 10 percent daily limit, meaning investors are extremely bearish on all type of stocks - small, mid, and big cap.

Most blue chips, the target of government's intensified purchases, saw previous session's gains wiped out. Some analysts attributed the sell-off to share suspensions by a huge number of companies.

"Given the suspension of stocks comprising a large part of the onshore markets, there are fewer stocks available to sell for those investors needing to meet their margin call requirements," said John Ford, chief investment officer for Asia Pacific at Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

"This in large part responsible for the current liquidity squeeze."

Stocks fell across the board, with only 83 stocks rising, and 1,439 falling.

Even Shanghai's top blue chip exchange-traded funds, the target of purchases by a stabilization fund set up by Chinese brokerages, and state investor Central Huijin, also fell sharply.

In an unusual manner, various Chinese government agencies published a series of measures throughout the trading session, including urging major shareholders and top executives of listed companies to buy their own shares, and allowing insurers to buy more blue chips. [ID:nB9N0VJ01Y]

Bank of America Merrill Lynch said China's deleveraging and margin calls could be far from over, with no bottom seen until the government becomes buyer of last resort.

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Explosives stolen from French army base

French soldiers guard the Eiffel Tower in January after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices. Security was stepped up further after the attack on a Lyon chemical plant. Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images
French authorities are investigating the theft of roughly 200 detonators plus grenades and plastic explosives from a military site in southern France.

The thefts at the Miramas site, which is operated by a combination of military services west of Marseille, appeared to have taken place overnight from Sunday to Monday. The break-in came with France on its highest level of alert for terrorism following deadly attacks in January and June.

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said an investigation had begun into charges of “theft with break-in carried out by a criminal group” and “fraudulent entry into a military compound”.

An official with the gendarmerie police force, which generally runs law enforcement in more rural areas of France, said the thief or thieves appeared to have cut through a fence to enter the high-security site.

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he has ordered an investigation into how the break-in was organised and who might be responsible. He also instructed a new office in charge of protecting such sites to review the security for all French military weapons stocks and propose “corrective measures” within 15 days.

The mayor of Miramas, Frederic Vigouroux, said he did not know precisely what was stolen, but said it was the first theft at the site. He said the outer fences were broken into, and that nine storehouses were affected.

“It wasn’t cotton candy that was stolen,” he said. “These are dangerous munitions. Everything is inherently dangerous.”

A spokesman for the French military said about 160 civilians and soldiers work on the site daily, and guards with sniffer dogs patrol behind two fences separated by a “no-man’s-land”. He said the explosives are relatively easy to use.

The 200-hectare (500-acre) base sits on the outskirts of the town of 30,000 and stocks munitions of the type used in French military operations in Mali and Afghanistan.

France raised security levels after a man beheaded his boss and tried to blow up a chemical plant near Lyon on 26 June. In January gunmen in Paris killed 17 people at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish grocery store.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Buffett donates record $2.84 billion to Gates, family charities

Warren Buffett meets young finalists in his Secret Millionaires Club 'Grow Your Own Business Challenge' in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, May 18, 2015.
 Warren Buffett on Monday donated about $2.84 billion of Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N) stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and four family charities, as part of the billionaire's plan to give away nearly all of his wealth.

The 10th annual donation, Buffett's largest, comprised 20.64 million Class "B" shares of Berkshire, and increased Buffett's total contributions to the charities to more than $21.5 billion.

The Gates Foundation, which focuses on improving education and health and reducing poverty, received about 15.76 million shares, or 76 percent of the total donated.

Also receiving donations were the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named for Buffett's late first wife, and the Howard G. Buffett, Sherwood and NoVo Foundations, respectively overseen by his children Howard, Susan and Peter.

Buffett, 84, still owns 18.8 percent of Berkshire's stock. Forbes magazine on Monday estimated that would give him a net worth exceeding $64 billion, ranking fourth worldwide.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) co-founder, ranked first, at $78.7 billion, Forbes said after U.S. markets closed. Gates is also a Berkshire director, and a close friend and bridge partner of Buffett's.

Most of Buffett's holdings are in Class "A" stock, which gives him 32.9 percent of Berkshire's voting power.

Buffett typically makes his donations in July, reducing the number of shares by 5 percent from the prior year. Dollar amounts often rise because of increases in Berkshire's stock price.

The charities typically sell donated shares to finance their activities, reflecting Buffett's desire that the money be spent. Buffett also makes smaller donations to other charities.

Buffett has run Berkshire since 1965. The Omaha, Nebraska-based company has more than 80 businesses in such areas as insurance, railroads, energy and chemicals, and as of March 31 had more than $143 billion of stock and bond investments.

Berkshire also owns more than 325.4 million shares, or nearly 27 percent, of food and beverage company Kraft Heinz Co (KHC.O), which began trading on Monday. That stake is worth nearly $24 billion.

Source Reuters
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Mayweather stripped of title he won in Pacquiao fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been stripped of the welterweight world title he won after beating Filipino Manny Pacquiao this year for failing to comply with rules, the World Boxing Organization said on Monday.

Mayweather, who improved to 48-0 by beating Pacquiao in May, missed a deadline by which he had to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee from the fight and vacate the junior middleweight title he also held, the WBO said in a statement.

The WBO said it is against rules for boxers to hold world titles in multiple weight classes and that Mayweather had to indicate which weight division he would retain.

Mayweather, who finished ahead on all three scorecards of what proved to be the top-grossing prize fight of all-time, had until 4:30 p.m. ET (2030 GMT) last Friday to advise the WBO of his position.

"The WBO World Championship Committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognise Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. as the WBO Welterweight Champion of the World and vacate his title, for failing to comply with our WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests," the WBO said in a statement.

Mayweather, who earned over $200 million from the fight which generated a record pay-per-view revenue in the United States of $400 million, has two weeks to launch an appeal.

Source Reuters
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7/7 bombings: Britain remembers victims on 10th anniversary

A woman pays her respects at the 7 July Memorial monument in Hyde Park, in London, Britain. (Reuters Photo)
On Tuesday, Britain will commemorate the 10th anniversary of attacks targeting London public transport which killed 56 people, the first suicide bombings by Islamist militants in western Europe.

Relatives of the victims, survivors, royalty and senior politicians will gather to remember those killed in the July 7 2005 bombings with emotions still raw after a massacre in Tunisia last month, Britain's worst loss of life in an incident involving militants since the London attacks.

"Today the country comes together to remember the victims of one of the deadliest terrorist atrocities on mainland Britain," Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement.

"Ten years on from the 7/7 London attacks, the threat from terrorism continues to be as real as it is deadly - the murder of 30 innocent Britons whilst holidaying in Tunisia is a brutal reminder of that fact. But we will never be cowed by terrorism." 

In the early hours of July 7 a decade ago, four young British Muslims travelled down to London where they detonated homemade bombs hidden in rucksacks on three underground trains and a bus during the morning rush-hour.

Inspired by al Qaeda, they killed themselves and 52 other people and wounded around 700 others. Citizens from Poland, Israel, Australia, France, Italy, Afghanistan, Nigeria, New Zealand and a Vietnamese-American were among the victims.

Cameron will lay a wreath at the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park before joining other senior figures, relatives of the victims, survivors and members of the emergency services caught up in the bombings for a service of remembrance at St Paul's Cathedral.

This will include a national minute of silence, which comes just four days after Britain paid a similar tribute to those killed when an Islamist gunman opened fire at the Tunisian resort of Sousse.

'Learning lessons'

A further service will be held later at the memorial site for survivors and relatives which Prince William, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, will attend.

Esther Hyman, 46, whose sister Miriam was killed on the Number 30 bus when it was blown up at Tavistock Square, told Reuters many young people seemed unaware of the bombings.

"The events of 7/7 do seem to have slipped out of public consciousness," said Hyman, who with her mother last week  launched an educational programme to help teach school pupils about the attacks and to steer them away from violent extremism.

"It's worth remembering an event like 7/7 and learning lessons from it so that it didn't happen in vain."

Britain is currently on its second highest alert level of "severe", meaning a militant attack is considered highly likely, mainly due to the danger the authorities say is posed by Islamic State (IS) fighters and Britons who have joined them.

The government plans new measures to counter extremism and Mark Rowley, Britain's most senior counter-terrorism police officer, said the country was better prepared than 10 years ago, although the threat itself had morphed.

"Tight organisations planning terrorist atrocities, going for complex, high-impact attacks was where we were," he said, adding IS was creating an "enormous" list of potential targets.

"They are not necessarily focussed on massively complicated attacks. They are focussed on the propaganda value," he said.

Source Hindustan Times

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