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Thursday, 16 November 2017

10 things that have happened since Arsenal last won the league

The words that define Arsenal at this point of time are “mentally very jaded” and, if Arsène Wenger chose them with reference to his players , the truth is that phrase is applicable at Arsenal Football Club with a significantly broader brush. The dictionary definition of jaded feels piercingly critical: dulled or satiated by overindulgence; worn out or wearied; dissipated. The Gunners have not lifted a piece of silverware since their triumph in the competition back in 2005 and are desperate not to see their run extend to a decade.

Here are 10 things which have happened since Wenger and his players last won a trophy.

1.  The Global recession

The Lehmann brothers were famously jailed for the crime in what will probably go down as one of the biggest lies of the century. Back in 2009, Wenger being an expert in finance and economics did not hold back from having his say.

"It looks like football has not been hit by a recession but that is only due to exceptional circumstances, I still think that we will have to become more reasonable in the game, even if you have exceptional circumstances like Real Madrid and Man City.” Well, it really didn’t turn out that way and clubs are still breaking transfer records to this day. Arsenal are not one of those clubs!

2.  Breaking Bad aired and completed

There are very few people who wouldn’t recognize this brilliant work of art by Vince Gilligan. The series got rave reviews and was followed by several around the world. At one point, the show was rated as the highest ever in IMDB.

The actor who played Walter White,  Bryan Cranston won an Emmy award for his depiction of the protagonist. The show lasted for 5 seasons and ran from 2008 to 2013. This was the period Arsenal were supposedly in debt and were paying off their Stadium loans. Two things remained constant in these 6 years. Jesse kept saying B**** and Arsenal finished 4th.

3.  Juventus were relegated, regained promotion and won Serie A

Juventus have actually won Serie A 5 times since they regained promotion to the top tier of Italian football. The Calciopoli was a big scandal that took place in 2006.

Several big name Italian clubs were caught for match fixing and using biased referees during games.  Of the clubs that were involved Juventus were hit the hardest. Having won the title that year they were instantly condemned to Serie B and stripped of their title.But the club bounced back the very next season. It took them some time to recapture the league but once they achieved it they haven’t let go, and will probably continue to do so with the kind of team they are building.

4. Same-sex marriage made legal

The world made a huge step towards progress and humanity when the United States declared that same-sex marriages will be legal. It was a big step in human rights and it was celebrated with great fervor and panache.

All around the world, the occasion was celebrated and since then other countries have followed suit. Of Course, India still haven’t made that stride forward as of yet but everything takes time and the country will eventually get there. But unfortunately, while the world have moved forward, Arsenal have remained stationary. They might have managed to finish in the Champions League places but that’s not enough for a club of their stature.

5. MS Dhoni made his debut in Tests and retired from Tests

MS Dhoni is an icon and considered a hero by many Indian cricket fans. The man has achieved a lot in his time as captain of India and is still one of the country’s best batsman at the age of 35. Dhoni made his Test debut against Sri Lanka in 2005.

He became captain of the Test team in 2008 against Australia taking over from Anil Kumble. Under his leadership, India achieved new heights and climbed to the top of the ICC test rankings, something that had not been done before. Dhoni's captaincy and leadership are things the Gunners have lacked ever since the captain that won them the Premier League in 2004 moved on. Indeed, Patrick Vieira was one of a kind and a great of the Premier League and Arsenal could really do with someone of his personality.

6. Barack Obama was elected President of USA twice.

Barack Obama created American history by becoming the first ever black president. He took over during a period when the country was in recession and several citizens were either homeless or without a job.

His first term was very successful and his good work earned him a second term of presidency. The most notable achievement of the President was ridding the world of Osama Bin Laden. Obama’s second term had not been too successful but any leader would know that sacrifice is a part of the job.
Now he is coming to the end of his term and a new president will be elected next year. Hopefully, Donald Trump won’t be the one that eventually takes over.

7. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi finally went off the air

So in case you’re wondering when the show ended it has been 8 years since it went off the air. This was no doubt one of the most iconic shows in Indian television, and also one of the most frustrating at times.

The show aired 1833 episodes in it’s eight years. It garnered a massive fan following and earned the highest TRP in the country in it’s last year of airing. The show has spawned a new set of aspiring directors trying to recreate it’s success. The show has also lead to several jokes and memes about Indian drama series because of it's longevity and intensity of dramatized scenes.

8. Twitter came into existence

Facebook might have been the breakthrough that elevated the popularity of social media but twitter has no doubt done it’s part. It gives us the ability to follow celebrities and learn what they are doing each and every day.

It’s also a great way to express your thoughts in a condensed fashion and one-liners have become aplenty since the platform has a word limit on a tweet. It is a unique tool that several organizations have taken advantage off. Arsenal are one of the most followed football clubs on twitter but unfortunately their digital media success has not been replicated on the pitch.

9. Paul Scholes won the Premier League retired, came back and won it again

Paul Scholes is one of the finest midfielders to have ever graced the Premier League. His skill and passing ability was almost unmatched, and he received praise from every corner of the footballing world.

Even Xavi Hernandez who is considered one of the greatest midfielders of all time paid homage to the Manchester United man. Scholes won everything with the Red Devils and retired in 2011. But with Sir Alex short of midfield options he asked the legend to come back for one last hurrah. He obliged and helped the club win one more title before he finally decided to hang up his boots.

10. The iPhone was invented

Apple have done something, not many in the history of technology have done before. They have managed to create their own niche market and differentiate themselves from every other technology maker. The company is regarded as the most innovative of the current generation and have taken great strides in the field of computers and smartphones. Steve Jobs’ last great invention before his passing was the iPhone

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

LaPercy Review: Watford vs Arsenal

The matchday 8 between Watford and Arsenal at Vicarage road ended in a shock 2-1 win for the home side as Tom Cleverley and Troy Deeney cancelled Per mertesacker's header as they once again shocked their opponents just like their previous  two matches which they saved in the dying moments. This was not the only shocking result and Chelsea were shocked by Crystal Palace, Juventus by Lazio and Borussia Dortmund by RB Leipzig all having the 2-1 result. 
            Arsenal were genuine title contenders before the season started and after a difficult start to the season they are back in the title race albeit barely as they trail Chelsea by 8 points with 16 games to go. Not the ideal situation for the gunners who also resume their Europa League campaign in couple of days time. As the games come thick and fast at this time of the year Arsenal need to dispose off teams like Watford if they were to retain their place in premier league top 4. Couple of good wins can get them back in the top half of the season and well clear of relegation zone which is the priority for the club. 
                The first goal for Arsenal came in the 40th minute. It all started via a great cross from Xhaka, bent in from the right with his left foot. Per met it with the meat of his forehead as he leapt like the proverbial oncorhynchus in the six yard box to meet it at the apex of his running jump and thunder it past Gomes. For the rest of the half Arsenal were not the passing team they used to be, a parody of a passing team at times. This season they have certainly moderated their style, varying it to include some longer passes and width from the wing-backs. It's a work in progress and in this XI they lacked a couple of genuinely outstanding players but it's been efficient, productive so far in the 1st half. Arsenal should have scored the second in the 70th minute as it was a superb break from Arsenal as Kolasinac plays it down the line to Iwobi, who charges infield and plays an angled pass to put Ozil clear on goal. He looked offside, wasn’t flagged and hit a low shot that was well saved down to his left by Gomes. It should have been 2-0. Wenger was livid and rightly so at the award of that penalty in the 72nd minute and was no different to the Welbeck/Holebas incident at the other end. Richarlison ran at Bellerin on the left side of the box and when the two bumped shoulders Richarlison went flying. That was a dive. Troy Deeney scored the leveller for Watford as he placed the penalty firmly to Cech's right having sent the keeper the wrong way who believes that the Spaniard’s long hair might have been the problem. Watford continued their amazing run of surprising teams right at the end as Cleverley who was at fault for Arsenal's opener as he rectified that mistake. The former Manchester United man lashed home in stoppage time after the visitors were unable to clear their lines to give the Hornets a first Premier League home win of the campaign and it started via a shoot from Holebas which was defected, Deeney went in with Cech and fell on top of him. The keeper sprung up to save the shot hit on the rebound. The ball fell near Cleverley who rammed his shot into the roof of the net. 
     It must be some consolation to the Gooners as Liverpool once again dropped points as they were held to a 0-0 draw which continued  their bad form since Alex Oxalade Chamberlain joined them in this transfer window. I think Alex is somewhat happy as he is now sitting in the middle of a 7 men bench and he's finally got that central role he was looking for after leaving the Gunners.

Author's Comment: Arsenal always turn things around when they have their backs to the wall but they are at their most vulnerable when coming into a game in rich form. Watford match might prove a banana skin for Arsenal but most of the players were fresh after international break and playing away at Vicarage had too much quality in their ranks to lose this game to Watford for the first time since 1987. I hope they can improve their game against their Europa League opponent Red Star Belgrade
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Football Agents: Important Ingredient for a good transfer window

In professional football, a transfer is the action taken whenever a player under contract moves between clubs. It refers to the transferring of a player's registration from one association football club to another. In general, the players can only be transferred during a transfer window and according to the rules set by a governing body. Usually some sort of compensation is paid for the player's rights, which is known as a transfer fee. When a player moves from one club to another, their old contract is terminated and they negotiate a new one with the club they are moving to. But in the last two years the term Super Agent is being used quite a lot whenever there is any talk about a transfer. So who is a Super Agent? The answer is these are the agents who have a very high profile clientele and play a major part in deciding whether a transfer is going to happen and the money involved in it which is usually a lot. The example of super agents are the two most high proflie agents in the world right now, Jorge Mendes and Mino Raiola who are the agents of the biggest names in football like Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Angel Di Maria, James Rodriguez, Falcao and many others.
Football agent fees/commission on transfer fees and player salaries will vary from sport to sport, by that I mean whether its American football or football i.e soccer as it is called in some parts of the world. A football agent or intermediary as they are called today as per changes by FIFA in an irrational effort to try and make the process more transparent, will usually be paid by their client; that being either the club that contracted them to act on their behalf in a transfer or the player they represent. The intermediary can only be paid by an agreed lump sum if representing a club, however this can be paid in installments if agreed as such prior to the transfer activity. An intermediary’s payment from a player is also made calculated on the basis of the player’s basic gross income for the entire duration of the contract being signed for the transfer. As a rule the intermediary’s client has to pay him/her but a player can in writing ask their club to make payments to the intermediary on their behalf. Now to answer the actual question, according to FIFA, as a guide an intermediary should be paid 3% of the player’s basic gross income with regards to representing a player, and 3% of the transfer fee in the event of a club. However, as i mentioned, that is just a guide and so agents generally vary this percentage depending on the client or the circumstances. If your client is Cristiano Ronaldo or Manchester United, then you will probably consider even going less than the given 3% if necessary because at the end of the day the 3% or less is probably someone’s yearly salary. On the other hand if you are representing a player with a not so lucrative contract or a player playing in lower leagues, then the intermediary is likely to go for a higher percentage. Generally, most agents/intermediaries in the industry as far as i know will usually keep to a 10% commission when it comes to players however higher percentages when representing clubs. 

Again this is a personal choice and there are instances where Agents/ Intermediaries lose their clients over high percentages. There are also instances where some top agents go over the said 10% because of their ability to get a player into a top club. For instance an agent who wants 10% or less will be able to get you into Burnley or Bournemouth whilst the agent who can get you into Manchester United or Chelsea might want a 20% commission. There are instances where the same intermediary will on agreement represent both the club and the player and get paid by both. A good example is in Paul Pogba’s transfer where his agent was paid about €27 million by Juventus but his client will also be paying him through the duration of the contract. The most widely known role of football agents is when an individual agent or an agency acts on behalf of an individual player in negotiating playing contracts and other commercial contracts for that player. An agent will usually be paid by a percentage of the money that the player earns or by an annual fee. It is a well established principle of the relationship between football agent and the football player which they represent that the agent owes the player a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of that player. An article was designed to prohibited the agents from acting on both sides of a negotiation as it was deemed to be a clear conflict of interest. It states that a player's agent may only represent the interests of one particular party per transaction. In particular a player's agent is forbidden from having a representation contract, a cooperation agreement or shared interests with one of the other parties or with one of the other parties player's agent involved in the player’s transfer or in the completion of the employment contract. A conflict of interest occurs whereby an individual involved in something, in most cases a commercial deal, where they have an interest with both sides. a football agent clearly would be in breach of his fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the player which he is paid to represent if he is also representing the club negotiating with that player. A single agent would be unable to get the best deal for both the player and the club.

Author's Comment: Football’s global popularity knows no bounds and it’s an agent's job to ensure their player has a piece of the pie but first and foremost making sure their players are in the best possible position to perform on match day.

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

LaPercy Match Review : Newcastle vs Arsenal

The closely fought match on Matchday 4 between Arsenal and Newcastle ended in a 1-0 victory for the visitors at the St. James Park, the home of Newcastle because of a own goal by defender Fabricio Coloccini in a game which was full of yellow cards and 1 red card to Newcastle's Aleksandar Mitrovic. Arsenal were obviously the more powerful team and dominated the game with a possession of 75% compared to Newcastle's 25% where Newcastle also failed to register a single shot on target whereas Arsenal registered 9 shots on target.

Arsene Wenger's side has recoverd from the shaken start to league campaign with victory at St James' Park in the early kick-off. This is just what Arsenal fans can feel after this victory but we have to keep in mind the fact that Arsenal 
should have won this easily as Newcastle played mostly played the game with 10 men and also without one of their main striker after the early red card to Mitrovic in the 16th minute. But Newcastle held their nerve and with the help of Tim Krul,they avoided themselves an agonising defeat. The match also featured 8 yellow cards from  refree Andre Marriner who was booed at the end of the match as he gave 7 to Newcastle and 1 to Arsenal. The goal happened as Newcastle's resistance was finally broken as 
Krul saved a shot from Ramsey, the rebound went out to Oxlade-Chamberlain, who drove a right-footed shot across goal that deflectd off Coloccini and went in off the far post. This goal could have gone as deflection but was finally agreed as an own goal by the Newcastle defender. The Magpies' latest signing, French winger Florian Thauvin, shone on his debut as he grabbed the headlines with a goal and three-assists in his first start as a Newcastle United player but could not do much in this defeat. The search for the first league win of season continues although Newcastle were never likely to come here once Mitrovic sent off. Newcastle battled hard after that but have work harder if they want to finish this season on a high. Wenger said Newcastle United made the game "physical" from the start. "We had to keep our nerve", he said. Newcastle signed Mitrovic from Anderlecht for £13m in the summer and the Serbia international arrived with a reputation as a volatile player. McClaren had already said that the 20-year-old must show more "emotional control" after yellow cards in his first two Premier League games. After Mitrovic's senseless high tackle on Coquelin, the former England manager's words will need to be much tougher that. McClaren cannot afford to be playing matches with 10 men and at the moment Mitrovic looks like a red card waiting to happen. Newcastle put in a good shift after Mitrovic's early red card and restricted Arsenal to few clear opportunities, but they have now failed to score for three league games in a row.

For Arsenal, a second Premier League win of the season but they will be perhaps disappointed they didn't win more comfortably against 10 men. Arsenal have got injury problems and Newcastle had a right go at them. It was another must-win for the Gunners. Arsenal went for a 1-0 win.What I believe is that if Ozil had been playing, he would have controlled the game with his pinpoint passes but Arsenal dominated mainly because of Nacho, Coquelin and Koscielnyand Sanchez was hardworking as usual.  Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger described his side's start to the season as "very average" before this game and although the Gunners secured three points at St James Park their strikers continue to misfire. After Mitrovic's 16th-minute dismissal, Arsenal dominated possession in the final third of the pitch but were unable to turn that superiority into goals. Theo Walcott's best effort was to lift a chance he should have scored over the crossbar while substitute Olivier Giroud made little impact when he came on. With the transfer window set to close on Tuesday, Arsenal's supporters will be hoping Wenger has a goalscorer lined up from somewhere.

There are still big question marks over Arsenal, who managed another 21 shots today but had to rely on yet another own goal to take the points. Still, the points they did take and that was the key thing for the Gunners today, who ensure they don’t fall any further off the pace with just a few days of the transfer window left. So goodbye and until next time folks.

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

LaPercy Match Review : West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea

The third match for Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion ended with a victory for Chelsea as the match ended with a full time score of 3-2 at The Hawthorns, the home of West Bromwich Albion. Visits to The Hawthorns have had dire ramifications for recent Chelsea managers, André Villas Boas and Roberto di Matteo were ousted soon after defeats in the Black Country but Mourinho will not deal with the same fate as Chelsea had been boosted by the arrivals of Baba Rahman and Pedro Rodríguez were anxious for a first win this termTony Pulis has beaten Mourinho with Crystal Palace and West Brom in the last 16 months but could not repeat that again thanks to goals by Pedro, Costa and Azpilicueta whereas West Brom replied with a brace from James Morrison but was clearly not enough to beat the North London side.

The man in the spotlight was ex Barcelona winger Pedro who recently arrived at Chelsea after snubbing United and replied with a good goal and a man of the match performance and helped Chelsea record it's 1st victory of the season. He scored the first goal of the game in 20th minute which was a simple stuff as Pedro played the ball to Hazard about 30 yards out,who returned the pass to the Spaniard who dug out a shot that clipped Olsson’s heel and skipped past Myhill. He was lucky with the deflection, but that was nicely direct stuff from Chelsea and Pedro.The second goal was scored by Diego Costa which was a brilliantly rapid stuff from Chelsea. The corner which was taken by West Brom was cleared and then Willian charged through the middle and fed Pedro on the right of the area, who either skidded a low ball across the box or dragged a shot into the path of Costa, who was just onside as he struck the ball into the empty net but West Brom waited patiently and replied with a goal after 5 minutes as Tony Pulis's side eventually got a reward for their endeavours on 35 minutes, with Morrison drilling the ball home after debutant Rondon had brilliantly kept a deep cross alive but Chelsea restored their 2 goal lead after 7 minutes by Azpilicueta  who scored his 1st Premier league goal by becoming the first to react to a loose ball and slotting it home. Morrison again scored in the 59th minute and completed his brace but could not help his side to rescue at least a point.

This was a good performance from Chelsea but the only bad point was the red card that was given to John Terry in the 53rd minute .A brilliant ball through by Brunt was collected by Rondon, but he received a very slight pull from Terry, he went down, and that was  a red card by refree Mark Clattenberg. First it was Jose Mourinho who hooked him last week. Then it was Mark Clattenburg who sent him for an early bath. Last week the manager raises questions over Terry. This week his lack of pace left him trailing Salomon Rondon and that’s why he pulled back the West Brom striker. It’s been a really bad week for Terry. Terry was ever present last season, played every minute in the Premier League. Now he gets subbed and sent off with question marks about whether he is a fading force. The problem this week was that Rondon highlighted Terry’s lack of pace in his advancing age. This will only add fuel to the fire and the belief that Terry’s days as untouchable in Chelsea’s defence are over. McManaman the midfielder from West Brom curled just past the post before a frantic final 15 minutes saw both sides have chances to score, but the Blues held on for a vital three points, and showed some much-needed resilience to silence some of the doubters. 
Pedro's pace and direct running will make him a star in 

English football. He would be great fun to watch and will unlock Premier League defences each and every week. Pedro was Chelsea’s “go to man” for their victory at West Brom. Scored one, made one and was entertaining throughout. Dogged stuff then for Chelsea, some fine defending combined with a couple of brilliant individual performances in attack from Pedro and Costa. Their first win of the season is gained despite their captain’s red card, and while they would probably have preferred a fuss-free 3-0 win or something, that might prove pretty valuable in the long run. So, what we’re saying is, this was an entertaining match of two teams terrified of losing another game, thus a match stodgier than week-old parkin. Such are the gambles of life.Chelsea were basically a Pedro away from having their ass handed to them by West Brom. And with that, Goodbye from LaPercy. 

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

City not taking title for granted

Manuel Pellegrini has urged Manchester City to focus only on defeating Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday evening, after Liverpool's draw with Crystal Palace — a game that Pellegrini says he did not watch — made the manager's side even firmer favourites for the title.
City trail Liverpool by a point but have a game more to play, with their season ending with West Ham United's visit on Sunday.
"I only know we have to win the game against Aston Villa – at the end of the week (Sunday) we'll see who has more points. We (will) prepare exactly the same as we have during the year," said the Chilean. "All the teams are under pressure but if we play at home as we did so far, I hope we can win the game."
Aguero ruled outCity will be without striker Sergio Aguero for the game against Aston Villa.
"Sergio Aguero couldn't recover 100 percent from his groin problem so he is not in this squad list," Pellegrini added.
Aguero, who will look to take a leading role in Argentina's World Cup campaign next month, has scored 17 goals in 22 league appearances this season, but has missed many games with calf and hamstring injuries.
Yaya Toure would be available, with Pellegrini saying his withdrawal against Everton with 25 minutes remaining was simply a precaution as the midfielder worked his way back to fitness after hurting a muscle last month.
City face sanctions
City are facing UEFA sanctions for breaching financial fair play rules which would see the club limited to a 21-man Champions League squad instead of the usual 25 players next season.
City, who are still strongly challenging the settlement offer, are also facing a fine in the region of £49 million over three years, and a cap imposed for next season to ensure there is no rise in this season's Champions League A squad wage bill.
The reduction in the size of the Champions League squad to 21 would potentially hit the club hardest, and City would also have to ensure that there are still eight locally-trained players in that A squad.
French sports daily L'Equipe reported on Tuesday that Paris Saint-Germain would also be fined and have their Champions League squad capped at 21 players instead of 25 next season under a proposed settlement. The club's wage bill would also be capped.
A similar settlement is believed to have been offered to City but the English club are disputing the terms. "PSG are close to agreement but it's fair to say that City are haggling a lot harder," the source said.
City have until the end of the week to reach an agreement with UEFA over the sanctions. Both the parties have refused to comment as of Tuesday.
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