Monday, 21 March 2016

Eminem has Royal Blood of a Welsh King


We should probably start calling Eminem by his rather regal sounding real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

That's because he's apparently related to 9th century Welsh King, Rhodri Mawr (the Great).
Records on a US genealogy site suggest he's Marshall III's 33rd great-grandfather.

By the time Rhodri Mawr died in 878 he ruled over almost all of Wales.

He didn't have eight number one records and 27 top 10 releases though, like his descendant Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

But he did have the reputation of a fierce warrior by regularly defending his territory against the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes.

Despite his military prowess he gained most of his territory through marriage.
We're not sure how much territory Eminem gained through his two marriages to Kim Scott.

Eminem may not rule most of Wales, but he has been called "King of Hip-Hop" by Rolling Stone, and until November 2015 he was the most streamed artist on Spotify, before Ed Sheeran overtook him.

The records show that Eminem may also be related to another esteemed Welsh ruler Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), who is closely associated with traditional Welsh Law - known as the Laws of Hywel. These laws were progressive for the time - especially around women's rights. The original home of the National Assembly of Wales is named Tŷ Hywel (Hywel's House) in honour of him.
So Eminem is actually descended from Welsh royalty?

If the records on Geni are correct then yes, but in practice it's almost impossible to verify.

It's also worth noting that Rhodri Mawr lived 1200 years ago. He had at least four sons so it's highly likely there are a huge number of people who can claim to be related to him.

DNA Cymru, a show on Welsh-language TV channel S4C, showed that up to 18% of Welsh men alive today could be directly descended from just 10 men who lived less than 2000 years ago.
So if the records are incorrect, Marshall Bruce Mathers III might not have such a regal bloodline.
But then, as Eminem himself said "I am whatever you say I am".

Source BBC

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