Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Hidennet.com moves its domain name to Hidingnet.com

The website Hidingnet.com ( previously hidennet.com ) has now changed its name which seems more relevant but users still aren't completely aware of the change.

Hidingnet.com allows you to anonymously surf any website even if it is blocked in your country.
You can access all the contents you want to access even if they are blocked in your county or even blocked by the university you work or study in.

How to use hidingnet.com?

You can simply open Hidingnet.com and enter the URL you want to surf anonymously.


You can add hidingnet.com at end of the Website URL you want to open
For Example :  You want to open Bleacherreport.com  so you add hidingnet.com to its end and it becomes  http://bleacherreport.com.hidennet.com/

This frees you from using any paid VPN's which provide the same service but are paid and you have to download a software  which is often malicious.

How does Hidingnet.com work?

Hidingnet.com uses a set of proxy systems , which means your data comes through another system where the website is not blocked. This way you can anonymously surf the web.


  1. This is good, I wanna try it but I can't think of a website right now that has something to do with being blocked. Got something in mind that I can try it with? Other than your sample Would appreciate it much.


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  3. Whoever advised them to move the domain should come out clear to enlighten us. As a University essay writer . I come across so many content that has been shifted but i can explain why?



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