Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Deepika vs KRK:Why Deepika Padukone's My Choice Video successfully criticized by KRK

Deepika Padukone in the My CHOICE Video talked about freedom for women , e.g. that it is her choice about the clothes she wears , about her sexuality : whether she loves a man  or women or doesn't love anyone at all.

Everything was right until she said that that it was her choice whether she had sex OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, which is surely wrong whether we live in any type of society.

The above statement changed the entire story as the people got the loophole, and exploited it , be it KRK who is very eager to get popularity  and in a situation like this , he unleashed his video which using Deepika's statements criticized her and for the first time was not criticized but was cheered by the Indian audience.

KRK said that if Deepika has a choice , so every man has also a choice , so if a man goes nude into the streets holding his weapon( genitials) with some oil, so no one can say that he is wrong as its his choice in the same way as Deepika ji has.

In the entire video , he mocked Deepika using the same choice stuff.
He further concluded the video by saying that for the society to run , people have to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong , not just follow our choice , as our choice affects other people too.

So if Deepika would not have added the ouside marriage sex remark , she would have been equally seen but now scale is heavier on KRK or any other criticizer's side and Deepika is the one on the lighter side

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