Saturday, 18 November 2017

Karni Sena announces award for beheading Deepika Padukone

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati has created a havoc all around the nation. From facing political roadblocks to receiving threats from several Rajput organisation, the trouble for the film seems to have no end.

After Rajput Karni Sena threatened to chop off Deepika Padukone’s nose in case she doesn’t refrain from “inciting public sentiments,” police have increased security at her residence. Amid all this, another Rajput organisation has announced to offer Rs. 5 crore to whoever beheads Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone.

“Anyone who brings the head of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Deepika Padukone will be rewarded with Rs 5 crore. Rani Ma Padmavati had sacrificed her life with 12,000 other women in mass immolation (Jauhar), and Bhansali has raised a question on her courage by showing her in bad light in his film. This is unacceptable. Either both of them should leave the country or get ready to be beheaded, Some members of the Thakur community who hold important positions in the state may not be protesting against Padmavati, but a large number of others will fight for the honour of Rani Ma Padmavati. Bhansali must re-read history to know the real facts about her” said Thakur Abhishek Som, national president of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Yuva Mahasabha, as quoted by TOI.

The group is opposing the film in apprehensions that it distorts history while telling the tale of Rajput Queen Rani Padmini. Sanjay Leela Bhansali says they are not scared of anything, not even death.

“I am not afraid of police action and I am ready to sacrifice my life for this cause. No one will be able to protect Bhansali and Padukone.”

Meanwhile, the movie is slated to hit the screens on Dec. 1.

Courtesy of Indiatimes

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Why can't bots check 'I am not a robot' checkboxes?

First, captchas aren't there to make it impossible to overcome - that is not possible to do. It's to make it difficult for a bot, i.e. to either make it impossible for it to do at all by itself or only very slowly. This is to make it impossible for a bot to e.g. try a password 1000 times per second, or to let it log in automatically without the help of a human.

Actually, clicking the box is a rather trivial part of what those CAPTCHAs are looking for. What they're actually looking for are things like:

did the 'user' instantly move their mouse to the exact coordinates of the box, or did they traverse thru the page like a human would?

is the user scrolling to the box, or are they remotely executing javascript to trigger a scroll to the box? how long after page load did the user find the box? Too quickly is obviously a red flag, but taking too long is also. commonly, to get around reCAPTCHA you'll need to find out 4-5 areas to click in addition to the initial click. The way that most people do this is using CAPTCHA services, which are real people solving them and returning the answer to you (i.e. for a text captcha, you'd send them the image and they'd send back the letters/numbers). The way you do this with reCAPTCHA is sending a screenshot of the computer, and you are returned the coords that you're supposed to click on to answer the question properly. [e: apparently this method is old, and a new method where the CAPTCHA is actually served up to the person within the service that will solve it for you!] 

However, it usually doesn't take a legitimate human 5 minutes to answer a few questions about 9 images. if you take too long, they'll make you do another image check challenge. basically, it's really, really difficult to make a bot move the mouse, scroll, and react naturally to a page load. and even if you do manage to fool reCAPTCHA, you'll be thrown to a few image tasks which may serve to block you out from the website completely, due to the reasons mentioned above. e: as others have mentioned, this type of stuff is only part of what reCAPTCHA relies on to determine human/non-human - particularly, your referring information & whether or not you have a logged in Google account. e2: there are a bunch of people claiming that mouse movement tracking is impossible to do. in chrome, hit ctrl+shift+j, paste onmousemove = function(e){console.log("mouse location:", e.clientX, e.clientY)} in, and hit enter. then move the mouse. it's easily done. e3: there are still a ton of people claiming that I just made up the ability to track end user mouse movements. is another example Source Reddit
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Top 20 Kareena Kapoor Instagram Wallpapers

Kareena Kapoor is the queen of Bollywood and here are some of the best HD pictures of Kareena Kapoor from Instagram.

Kareena Kapoor with dumb bells 

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How to open blocked sites in india including Torrent Websites

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.”

If you received this message while opening this website , you dont need to worry because you can visit any website you want using the link below.

Click here to open any blocked website 

The other way is to download tor browser.

Click here to download TOR BROWSER
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Friday, 17 November 2017

Top Big Boss memes that will make you ROFL

We all love to watch Bigg Boss, a reality TV show which is full of drama, where contestants fight among themselves and we sit and laugh at them. It’s all scripted, they say, but even then, for some strange reason, shows like these top our TRP charts.

Even though this season is not as good as the previous ones, it still has a lot of drama that viewers feed on. From crying in the front the camera to romancing under the sheets, Bigg Boss 11 is a big dose of daily fodder for gossip mongers. So, we at LaPercy now want to show what happened when internet took notice of this season and gave it the meme treatment.


 The season summed up in one meme. 


Still can't believe Dhinchak Pooja made it to Salman Khan's Bigg Boss!


Puppies, you see. 


 A-Cash AKA Dadlani Khandan Ka Chiraag!


Who talks while crying? 


Sab Pantene ke Kamaal.


Mandir bhi gaye, prasad bhi chadhaya, phir kyu nahi mile marks?


Only Hina Khan can talk and cry to the walls!


It's vice versa for Shilpa and Vikas this season. 


BB = Bigg Boss = Bald buddies

Courtesy of Indiatimes
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