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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

If one day you wake up in a psychiatric ward, you should do these things to prove you aren't crazy

Here's a list of somethings you can do to prove your sanity:

1. Firstly, you have to accept you are crazy or put on an act, then also pretend to rehabilitate and agree to their stupid sleep schedules, food intake, and medication prescribed. The doctors believe everyone is crazy but them, and nothing is seen as ‘normal’ behaviour in a psych ward. Even if you think you’re normal, they will convince you otherwise. You spend  time in a mental hospital and see the patients disagreeing with their parents beliefs and values. You will find these people as totally normal, but the doctors thought otherwise. After a few weeks these seemingly normal people became suicidal and questioned everything about their existence after being told they needed meds and if they wouldn’t take meds orally they would be injected.

2.  Sit down and talk to someone. Submit to a mental battery of tests until someone with incharge is convinced. I'm agonizingly realistic. So it wouldn't take long.

3. You'd have to play the long game. If you say you're crazy they'll believe you, if you say you're not, they won't. Basically, figure out why you're there and then try to seem normal. Befriend the orderlies and staff and when the time comes admit that when you were admitted you were ill, but now you're better. If you try to deny being ill in the first place, they'll probably just keep you there.

4. Find a way to get to your files. Figure out what your initial diagnoses was and act the stereotype. Slowly act like the doctors sessions are working and appease his ego. They get to think he was right all along and him being his great self cured you so you can be released. You have an uphill battle trying to convince a doctor his initial diagnoses is wrong and doing so is an attack on his ability to do his job. Getting to your files is very important as there is a good chance they will lie about your diagnoses if asked. 

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