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Friday, 17 November 2017

Top Big Boss memes that will make you ROFL

We all love to watch Bigg Boss, a reality TV show which is full of drama, where contestants fight among themselves and we sit and laugh at them. It’s all scripted, they say, but even then, for some strange reason, shows like these top our TRP charts.

Even though this season is not as good as the previous ones, it still has a lot of drama that viewers feed on. From crying in the front the camera to romancing under the sheets, Bigg Boss 11 is a big dose of daily fodder for gossip mongers. So, we at LaPercy now want to show what happened when internet took notice of this season and gave it the meme treatment.


 The season summed up in one meme. 


Still can't believe Dhinchak Pooja made it to Salman Khan's Bigg Boss!


Puppies, you see. 


 A-Cash AKA Dadlani Khandan Ka Chiraag!


Who talks while crying? 


Sab Pantene ke Kamaal.


Mandir bhi gaye, prasad bhi chadhaya, phir kyu nahi mile marks?


Only Hina Khan can talk and cry to the walls!


It's vice versa for Shilpa and Vikas this season. 


BB = Bigg Boss = Bald buddies

Courtesy of Indiatimes
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