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LaPercyGo Inititation to Innovation - Blogging that Excites ,started in 2013, was initially just an endeavour to earn money online, but I realized that blogging can be more than just earning money, it becomes a part of your life, something you believed in when no one else believed in and something you create by your own self. There were times when I was on the verge on believing those who wanted to put me down, but somehow I continued blogging hoping I could do something on my own. Today I take great pride in my blog as it is something I have created on my own , not to mention the contributions of seceral who are always there for me.

If you want to become a blogger , my advice to you is just believe in yourself and your ideas, no matter what others say, have patience , work hard and the time will come when you will see your hard work reaping success.
Here goes my story:

Read My story of blogging  Read the story of LAPERCYGO.COM

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  1. "This blog is highly sophisticated for the techies...- and for NDA and SSB aspirants."
    - Ryan Jonas ( SunRaJ Co. Founder)



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