Saturday, 11 November 2017

What is it about electricity that makes it so dangerous to the human body?

Your body uses electrical signals in its nerves.The major way people die from electric shocks is if it goes through the heart. Your heart is a finely tuned machine that does not appreciate a sudden external signal saying contract all muscles. If you're lucky, your heart resumes beating with its normal pattern. If not, hope someone around knows CPR.

Incidentally, this is also a bugbear for medical shows - the device with the paddles and the shouting clear doesn't restart the heart, it stops the heart and is used when the rhythm has gone wrong (called fibrillation). The heart can then restart itself with the correct rhythm (hopefully).

AC is more dangerous than DC.The fluctuation rate of 60 Hz makes the currents particularly suited to screwing up the nerves that regulate heartbeat. This can cause a heart to flutter instead of beating normally, which kills a person quickly. That's why standard AC wall current is especially dangerous to humans. The threat of AC current varies widely by its frequency, whereas DC simply becomes more dangerous as the voltage and current levels increase.

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