Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Editorial : The Silence of the Dadri event

Since the past few days there have been a lot of talks regarding an event where a man was killed because he ate beef. The man belonged to the Muslim community. It really saddened me, as even in the 21st century, where the world science is in its prime, there are some people in my country who are fighting in the name of religion. Religion fights happen in many other nations but since I belong to India it is my duly responsibility to start the charity with home. Now let’s address the most debatable part of the issue, every person in the media or in the opposite political party wants Modi to speak about it. First of all, what do we want him to speak? That he condemn the death, he’ll give some benefits to the family of the victim and so on. Isn’t it obvious? 

Still despite so many issues going on, the most talked about one is the silence of the prime minister over a death of a common poor man. Ironically, if the man was killed for some other reason, will the media ask for prime minister’s words on it? Will then the other political leaders ask for the prime minister to go and meet the family? Now my point is, giving special emphasis to one communal event shows your communalism, not the person who is treating it like every other criminal event that happens is the country and is solved by the process as defined in the law. It is the people who are raising it real viruses of this disease not the prime minister who is silent.

 There are some decisions of the prime minster that intrigued me, about which I may write later, but this is something in which I completely support him. This is not just one time thing but has been happening since a BJP leader became the prime minister. We all know RSS is infamous as a religious oriented party but looks like the odds are turning against the people who are using this again and again to put them down and this time they made a mockery of a death of an innocent person and that too on a worldwide platform, i.e. social network. Sad to see world’s greatest democracy turning into a hypocrisy.

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