Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Why does Petr Cech wear a head gear or helmet?

Petr Cech (while at Chelsea) sustained a head injury in the match against Reading at the Madejski Stadium on 14 October 2006, when he collided with midfielder Stephen Hunt inside Chelsea's penalty area within the first minute of a league match. Hunt's right knee hit Čech's head, leaving the keeper requiring treatment.

Below are the MRI scans which were taken before Cech underwent emergency brain surgery following the sickening collision with the Reading midfielder.

Making the headlines: this startling scan shows the extent of Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech's horrific injuries


 Čech underwent surgery for a depressed skull fracture. Initially unaware of the seriousness of the injury, the doctors later reported that it nearly cost Čech his life, and as a result of the collision, he suffered intense headaches.Chelsea manager José Mourinho blamed Hunt for Čech's injury, saying that his challenge was "a disgrace"

The Arsenal keeper, interviewed by Des Kelly on the BBC's Inside Sport programme, revealed:

The pictures are pretty impressive because you can see the skull in detail as if you are holding it in your hand. You can see the metal plates hold the big part of the fracture in place.

Two holes were made in the skull by the surgeon to lift the major piece of bone back into place as it was depressed inside from the impact.

The little pieces around it were just broken so they put them back together and this will all fuse back together over the years. On the scan you can see where the bone ends. And either side of that there are just tissue fibres. They are strong enough to hold off some impact, but you never know. And that is why I wear the helmet to make sure it's not going to split again.

When you hear that someone has a depressed skull you imagine a lot of things. But when you see it, it looks very different to how you might expect. It's still healing so I can feel how the muscles around the fracture are protecting the area and the whole area is stiff.
When you touch it you can feel the metal plates. I still have things to do and they try to release the pressure on the side of the skull a little but it's fine

Čech made his comeback in a Premier League match against Liverpool on 20 January 2007, which Chelsea eventually lost 2–0, wearing a rugby style headguard made by Canterbury of New Zealand and carrying the manufacturer's logo. This caused friction with Czech national team sponsor Puma and Chelsea's apparel manufacturer Adidas. The matter was resolved after the latter sponsor developed their own headgear for Čech to wear in club matches, while the player went on to wear an unbranded cap for national team games.

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