Monday, 6 July 2015

Kapil Sharma says I will never get a husband: Sumona Chakravarti (The On Screen Wife of Kapil Sharma in Comedy NIghts with Kapil)

Playing Kapil Sharma’s wife on his comedy show is what she’s best known for, but Sumona Chakravarti is keen to experiment. 

The actor, who also stars in a serial with Ram Kapoor, and now an episode in a crime show, has been doing films on and off too. 

With another movie — a Salman Khan-starrer — coming up, she has her hands full. 

How was the experience of working with Salman in a film?
Superb, though it’s a cameo. It’s not like I belong to a film family, that I will get a big break. Doing a Salman film will get me visibility, so why not? I remember him waving to me when he saw me on the set, but there were lots of people around, and I thought he was waving to someone else. I was surprised, especially when he came and told me that he likes me on my comedy show. Later, he asked me why I didn’t join the unit for lunch. When I said I had eaten in my van because no one told me, he said that I didn’t need  special invitation. We had some friendly banter, and he’s like that with everyone. People are in awe of him, but he’s friendly and has his own, unique style. 

You have worked with Ranbir Kapoor too. 
He was quite chilled out. I even did Mann (1999) as a child, and Aamir Khan, too, was quite cool. I am blessed to work with such professional people. Though I didn’t share screen space with Priyanka Chopra in Barfi! (2012), she was warm to me during the trial. I was surprised that people noticed me in that small role. The industry is watching Kapil’s show, so perhaps I’m being noticed. I don’t want to be stuck in the role of a heroine’s friend. I’m not saying I am hoping for a launch like Deepika Padukone, but I hope to get good roles.  

Buzz is that your show with Ram is ending. Is that true?
We haven’t got any such intimation. There were similar reports about Kapil’s show taking a seasonal break too. We might be taking a shooting break — not on-air — for a few weeks, to change the set. 

Is being known as Kapil’s wife a hindrance? 

A lot. People think he is my husband in reality too. He told me that I’ll never get a husband as people think we’re married. I’ve had men come up to me at restaurants and events and call me Mrs Sharma. This year, I’ve resolved to fall in love.

Source HIndustan Times

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